Interesting times

A rare occurrence honesty and forthrightness being spoken in the European parliament:

Also also reported by:
Samizdata , Douglas Carswell, The Salted Slug, Guido, NightJack, Pox Angolorum, More to life than shoes, Iain Dale and Cranmer also on the front page of the Drudge report

(A transcript can be found: here) and finally some words from the man himself.

It’s well worth spending three and a half minutes listening to and then sharing far and wide. Apart from the excellent speech Brown’s behavior during it (only shown towards the end) also seems quite informative to me at least.

Meanwhile reportedly the Queen is having private chats with the governor of the bank of England (see also here). Mr King has subsequently warned that spending more may not be the best idea, which I’m sure is a shock to no one.

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