Carter-fuck at it again

So like a dose of the clap Carter-fuck are back at it again ( hat tip to Anna Raccoon). They seem to have realised that trying to stop the press reporting on Parliament is a bad move from a publicity point of view, so… now they’re trying to stop Parliament discussing the report about their client Trafigura dumping toxic waste on the Ivory Coast. The plan seeming to be to make use of the convention that Parliament doesn’t discuss matters that are sub judice, so as long as they can keep spinning out proceedings Parliament won’t be able to discuss Trafigura dumping toxic waste on the Ivory Coast and there wil be nothing for the press to report from Parliament and in the meantime everyone will get bored and go away. Simples!

Go read Anna Raccoon‘s article and more at the Guardian

Oh and that report they really really don’t want people to know about that can be found here

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