They have a little list of things they want to ban

For quite a while now Leg Iron has been talking a great deal of sense about how the powers that be like to ban things and use the same methods every time.

The most successful they’ve been recently and the blue print for it seems banning everything else was the smoking ban where we now have to worry about third hand smoke, and they’re looking at stopping you smoking in your own house or car if children are present, and of course publicans will be fine and imprisoned for not stopping people smoking when they’re not there. The moves against alcohol are very obviously under way with yet further tax increases planned and repeated talk about minimum pricing and “voluntary” labelling schemes. Caffiene is in the firing line as are elctronic cigarettes and now it seems so is salt. To the extent that New York politician is proposing to fine fine restaurateurs if they “add salt to food”, I can only assume that this imbecile has never actually tried cooking without salt. However there is as always the alternative soft push so that we’re relieved that a more reasonable approach has been taken:
However, the mayor has stopped well short of proposing an outright ban on restaurants adding salt, instead campaigning for a voluntary cut of a quarter over five years.
The voluntary cut, will do doubt become less voluntary and then limits will be set and the limits lowered but still better than an outright ban, and much easier for people to make mistakes for which they can be fined.

When combined with the recent proposed changes to music licensing for church halls one really does have to suspect the aim is to stop people socialising. The smoking ban is killing off the pubs, but not quite quickly enough and people still meet for drinks, so they’re attacking drinking. Coffee shops are becoming popular meeting places once more so they go for caffeine, but people might meet in restaurrats but regulations on salt (and surely other ingredients not long after) will help stop that , as will the caffeine and booze limits. Then kill off local social centers by pricing them out of the way and there are no community controlled places left for people to meet.

Of course it is more likely this is just disconnected attempts to control every aspect of our lives for our health and the sake of the children, but the affect will be the same no social cohesion and socialising only in state sanctioned large corporate venues. Which won’t be serving tea, coffee or anything much to drink.

Soylant greens all round?

Update I forgot to link to this excellent article by LegIron when writing this so here’s the link he Saltfinders are coming.

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