Unsettled science

It would seem that the settled climate change science which persuaded our great and glorious leaders to commit to legally binding CO2 reductions isn’t quite as settled as it seems as new research from NASA suggests that doubling CO2 won’t even raise the temperature by 2 degrees. It would seem from the headlines that many of the climate change models forgot that plants quite like CO2 and would grow a bit better and this would have an impact on climate change.

In particular, green plants can be expected to grow as they find it easier to harvest carbon from the air around them using energy from the sun: thus introducing a negative feedback into the warming/carbon process. Most current climate models don’t account for this at all, according to Bounoua. Some do, but they fail to accurately simulate the effects – they don’t allow for the fact that plants in a high-CO2 atmosphere will “down-regulate” and so use water more efficiently.

Good job that in these times of cuts backs and austerity that we’re not spending money on it and that we’re quite sure as to how we should calculate our carbon use, wouldn’t do to be pissing more money away due to bad science and ill thought out targets after all.

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