Settled science

A few things relating to climate change have wandered across my radar of late so thought about time I should pull some of them together. Starting with another still from the video linked to in my last post. This still shows what affected popular opinion and what affected the “science”:
The science is settled
The thing that leaps out at me from this is how little affects the science, well how could it the science is settled. Heavy snow falls despite the predicted death of snow, no impact on the science, the models are true so reality must be at fault for the science is settled. Scientific method thrown out the window, doesn’t matter the science is settled. Glaciers recovering nicely that’s ok the science is settled. I recently saw a video where an atheist said their mind was open to the existence of God, and they’d change their view given evidence which is why atheism wasn’t a religion. I think the above chart proves that climate change is a religion as it doesn’t change despite the evidence. The chart in fact seems to indicate (to my jaundiced eye) that us plebs and hoi polloi may have a better grasp of the scientific method and that the science is never settled than the climate scientists do, or at least most of them. For the good news is that a leading German climate scientist has started challenging the consensus.

On the settled science aspect the Chiefio is wondering if the statisical methods are at all valid, in fact the Chiefo has a lot of doubts about th emodels in general.

Meanwhile over in Doha our leaders are agreeing to give poor nations “compensation” for climate change which may or may not be happening.

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