Purile amusement

Not got anything terribly insightful or clever on this one (so no change there) but the juxtaposition of these two links on the book of face to day amused me terribly. Via a feminist connection we have:
A campaign against page 3 – or more specifically naked breasts in the Sun. I do think the Sun is missing a trick by not just renumbering their pages so that they go 1,2,4 and thus satisfy all those campaigns against page 3 but that’s just my surrealist side talking. However the other link that was posted in close proximity was…
The Sun posting pictures of topless feminists protesting against the Pope though they presumably not on page 3.

I know context is everything but it did amuse me as apart from the slogan written on their chests the hot pants and tights outfits would have been quite at home on page 3 if not a little under dressed.

Finally for balance here’s a random picture of a topless man.

Objectified man

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