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Much like the good folks over at Samizdata I had no interest in commenting on the recent trial of Mr George Zimmerman for the killing of Mr Trayvon Martin – not in my fields of interest and I knew nothing about it. However following the jury decision to find Mr Zimmerman innocent it turns out that a lot of my friends are psychic and know that Mr Zimmerman deliberately went out of his way to murder mr Martin due to his colour. Now sadly these friends weren’t able to make their unique skills available to the court, but I would suggest that they need to get themselves a super hero identity as their skills are vitally needed. Until they do that all we have is the rule of law where a person is innocent until proven guilty by a jury of their peers having heard all of the available evidence (and I believe the same applies across the pond where the trial took place). Now I’ve not heard yet anyone claiming it was a mistrial or that evidence was withheld or tampered with, I’ve not even heard anyone claiming that the law was at fault – at least not amongst my amazing psychic friends.

If the law is wrong, well like it or not people can (normally) only get tried according to the law as it stands at the time the alleged offense was committed, so you’re too late for Mr Martin but go ahead and campaign to change the law. Whilst you’re doing that could you please deploy your amazing powers to this more recent case, which involves the self same stand your round laws. Do let me know or even better the relevant legal authorities what your amazing psychic powers of deduction reveal.

The trial of Mr Zimmerman has been quite revelatory with regards to how the case has been presented in the media, an awful lot of use being made of a 5 year old photo of Mr Martin and a more recent portrait photo, where as the pictures of Mr Zimmerman have been less flattering. Even after the trial by which time you’d have hoped a wider range of photo’s would be available bits of the media are still using that 5 year old photo – such as this piece by the ever reliable Martin Bashir, which seems to be popular with my psychic friends as he sums up the case in 4 minutes. Starting with that 5 year old picture and describing the 17 year old Mr Martin as a child. I’m not sure if my friends have read the summary of the closing arguments but I guess one advantage of having psychic powers is that you don’t need to, nor do you need to go to the court.

I shall leave both you and my psychic friends with a question from Brother Ivo:
“Brother Ivo asks a single question: “How much head injury would you be prepared to sustain before concluding that your life may be in danger?” You have three seconds to answer.”
Obviously for those with psychic powers such a question would never arise as they’d know in advance what was going to happen, and for those that missed it Mr Martin was apparently bashing Mr Zimmermans head against the pavement just prior to being shot. Now here’s a question from me:
Why is it OK to describe someone of Hispanic origin as White, when usually such behaviour is frowned upon?

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