Malevolent voices revisited

It seems that Mr Pullmans article is now back on line at the Times with not a word changed. Which would make me suspect it’s vanishing was merely due to technical issues with the publishing system used by the Times, except for the way it also vanished so quickly from the Google cache ( as others also noticed). Though whilst one should always remember the rule that given a choice between cock-up and conspiracy 99% of the time it’ll be cock up, sometimes conspiracy is the right choice and only by watching for patterns can one after a while make … Continue reading

Malevolent voices that despise our freedoms

Finally the erosion of our Civil liberties appears to be hitting the main stream media, via a rather excellent article in the Times by the Childrens Author Philip Pullman. If you don’t read anything else today make sure you read: Malevolent voices that despise our freedoms Though oddly now it’s vanished, one could almost get paranoid about such a thing. Fortunately despite going from google cache as well (I guess keeping it must have been evil) it wasn’t properly vanished. So there is a copy below the cut tag and links to other peoples copies below so you can double … Continue reading

And Blunkett makes three.

Following the old maxim of not believing anything until it has been officially denied three times, I think it is safe to now accept that even if we’re not yet a police or surveillance society we’re definitely heading that way at a considerable rate of knots and it’s no longer paranoid to be worried about it. +2-1