Puzzling over Scottish independence

Before I say anything else I should observe that I’m English and worse than that a Londoner, which by the terms of the Scottish independence debate apparently means I’m not allowed to express an opinion on the matter. To make matters worse I’m a great fan of both the Union and the Monarchy, so I really don’t expect anyone to give two hoots what I think on the matter. I also realise that by having a view, particularly the view I do have, I may rather annoy some people (including some of my friends). Now that that’s out of the … Continue reading

Last week else where

Apparently I still haven’t quite got the hang of this regular posting lark, so late in the week here’s some stuff from last week. Vignia introduces a new Stazi App to report your neighbour Affordable steel printing coming soon The police rebuilding links with the media by inviting them to the most salacious raids Even Nobel prize winners say peer review is broken Can we move on from everything being Left or Right wing? +6-1

Stupidity in political memes

I know that raging against stupidity on the internet is a pointless exercise and best avoided, and I’ve no great love for Monsanto. However I’ve not yet met a windmill I won’t tilt against, so humour me on this. The image here has been going around on that bastion of deep thinking and intellectual debate that is Facebook, highlighting how we can’t possible trust GM foods from Monsanto as those foods kill insects!! Now I’m quite happy to not trust Monsanto as far as I could throw kitten kong, and have suggested to people the game of “name a Monsanto … Continue reading