Absurdist science

A few days ago a meteor exploded above Russia and an asteroid had a close fly by with the earth. Such is the state of science education and climate alarmism that a new anchor asked if the asteroid coming so close was due to global warming. I wonder though if I’m being too harsh on the news anchor when “scientists” are claiming that aliens might object to the environmental damage humans have caused on Earth and wipe us out to save the planet”, and NASA have stated that the Russian meteor wasn’t linked to the asteroid – so really we … Continue reading

The endarkenment

With the dumbing down of education and politics and the rise of the new priests of the green god, the god of offense and the god of “health” – who have all demanded that the scientific method, facts and truth be perverted and sacrificed upon their altars the endarkenment is surely upon us. What is the endarkenment I imagine I hear you cry, why I shall tell you, it’s the undoing of the progress we’ve made since the enlightenment, the slow dimming and putting out of the lights of scientific rigor, debate and truth. What value truth if it offends, … Continue reading