Conspiracies and incompetance

Coincidences are wonderful things and I regularly give thanks to the fickle whims of serendipity . So this morning as work required me to be awake at a time I consider far too early for an Easter Saturday, I was presented with three unconnected articles which wonderfully answered a question I’ve often asked myself. “Why aren’t deniable/false flag activities more common?” After all for tarnishing reputations or spreading a bit of dirt they should be the easiest things in the world to carry out, a few trouble makers at a demo and the media can dismiss the entire thing. Free … Continue reading

Interesting times

A rare occurrence honesty and forthrightness being spoken in the European parliament: Also also reported by: Samizdata , Douglas Carswell, The Salted Slug, Guido, NightJack, Pox Angolorum, More to life than shoes, Iain Dale and Cranmer also on the front page of the Drudge report (A transcript can be found: here) and finally some words from the man himself. It’s well worth spending three and a half minutes listening to and then sharing far and wide. Apart from the excellent speech Brown’s behavior during it (only shown towards the end) also seems quite informative to me at least. Meanwhile reportedly … Continue reading

Civil contingencies unlikely

If you’re reading this, chances are you already read the Libertarian party blog, but on the off chance you don’t go and read this. A very compelling argument for why the use of the civil contingencies act is most unlikely at this time. I find myself pretty much unable to argue with a single point of it. Most compelling of course is that Gordon Brown has a well proven track record of bottling it. +2-1