Photography followup

Whilst this has been extensively covered elsewhere I thought it worth mentioning that the work done by FitWatch has been picked up by the mainstream media in the Guardian. Unequivocal proof that the Police even before the new counter terrorism laws were monitoring and recording the activities of people, especially photographers and journalists, whom have done nothing more than be in the vicinity of legal demonstrations.
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Bandwagons and ill thought out protesting

I’ve always considered that any article which starts out with a disclaimer, or sentence which contains a phrase along the lines of “I’ve nothing against… but…” to be inherently suspect and likely to indicate a certain weakness of argument. Which is why I’m somewhat hesitant in writing this as it can to an extent be boiled down to: “I’ve nothing against people protesting but I do wish they’d think about it and do it well”.
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Obviously no connection to real events

Quiet a few people of late have been wondering if the government might be getting rather eager for riots to happen this summer, in what they’re already calling a “summer of rage”*, so that they can play with the little reported Civil Contingencies Act 2004. This act basically gives high ranking politicians and officials the power to do whatever they like in the event of an “emergency”, where in its broadest reading an “emergency” is whatever they decide it is. It is in many ways quite a plausible idea, whilst also being somewhat close to the “tin foil wearing” end of the spectrum. I would like to think it’s quite a way from the “likely to happen” end of the spectrum though some of the things being reported do make one wonder. With such wondering in mind a small article in one of the London free rags caught my eye:

Hospitals alert on scarlet fever

London hospitals are on alert today over a severe outbreak of scarlet fever.

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