It’s up to you and me

A sign of the times in that on the sad news of the tragic death of David Bowie his fans rather than having a whip round to build a statue and maybe having a memorial created by public subscription have instead started a petiton asking that Lambeth council spend other peoples money to do it on their behalf. Such great fans they are that they’re happy to spend other peoples money on commemorating their idol. I am rather a fan myself and if there was a collection might well chip in, but I do have to wonder what the late … Continue reading

Hunting, poaching and witch hunts

There has of late been an awful lot of fuss in social media and the press about the death of a retrospectively famous lion called “Cecil”, I’ve generally kept out of it. However as I was (by coincidence) taken hunting at the weekend which has resulted in some discussion amongst my group of friends I thought I might as well comment. First lets deal with the really really easy bit, as far as I’ve been able to determine from the reports I’ve seen “Cecil” was killed by a poacher who did a really bad job of it. That the poacher … Continue reading

In the interest of democracy

(This was originally posted to the book of face) Dear Internet, It hasn’t failed to escape my attention that there’s a general election thingy fast approaching. So in line with posts I’ve seen from quite a few of my friends I would urge you all to get out and vote – but if you vote or even just think about voting for a party I don’t like please de-friend yourself immediately. As we’re all mature adults and capable of reasoned and intelligent debate please beware that I’m not interested in knowing your reasons or any details of your local situation … Continue reading