Withers LLP twinned with Carter Fuck

It would seem that the new fashion amongst lawyers is to try to silence Parliament, following on from Carter Fuck trying to stop Trafigura we now have Withers LLP trying their hand at preventing MPs talking about things in Parliament. This time though it’s not about dumping toxic waste in the third world but local planning issues, the full story is over at The Guardian. The key par of the e-mail sent by Withers LLP though is this gem: “”In order to settle this matter we, therefore, require an apology in respect of both the serious allegations plus payment of … Continue reading

Trafigura a belated update

Again rather late with getting round to posting this update, but for completeness sake I think it best not over looked. Sadly it seems that Trafigura and carter-fuck have had thier day in court and the BBC have issued an apology in open court., as well as £250,000. the full apology from newsnight can be found here. The gist of the statement is basically that experts hadn’t been able to find any link between being exposed to highly toxic slops and “deaths, miscarriages and chronic and long-term injuries”. Of course you might be inclined to still think that perhaps shipping … Continue reading

Carter-Fuck and Trafigura at it again

So it seems that the worlds most loved law firm, Carter-Fuck, are up to their normal tricks again on behalf of that bastion of environmental concern Trafigura. My attention has been drawn to this post by Richard Wilson, it would seem that Carter-Fuck would really much rather we didn’t see a Panorama report on the wast they dumped on the Ivory Coast. So via yet another gagging order forcing the BBC to take down this video from their web site. Richard Wilson has a PDF capture of the Panorama site from googles cache before it got Carter-Fucked. (Anonymong copy) The … Continue reading