Climatechanged the video

Following on from my previous post where I said the archive made a nice little slide show, I decided it should be put to music, enjoy… The melt water pools start forming around July 10th, reach the Buoy by July 19th (just), It’s not floating free (judging by how the buoy sits in the water) until July 25th, by July 27th it’s being pushed out of the water again and on July 28th it’s back on the ice. Yet July 22nd is when the climate changed apparently, I guess it got bored and changed back. Oh and via Watts up … Continue reading

The sky has fallen

Even as the science turns out to be even less settled than some of us have thought, the temperature continues to not rise and the estimates of the amount it might rise by hed ever lower the climate change alarmists continue undaunted. It seems that on July 22nd the North Pole became a lake and they have a photo to prove it! If that photo wasn’t enough to convince you, and if you’re so heartless that you don’t care about the increasing polar bear numbers proving they’ve all drowned due to global warming then consider this terror scenario that has … Continue reading

Recycling press releases

The ever diligent Katabsis has a rather wonderful article up dissecting how the investigative main stream media recycles press releases from the environment agency – terribly green of them. As a taster….. The data shows several clear patterns: – The so called “quality press” are the worst offenders for churning Environment Agency press releases – whilst there were many entries from the tabloids and local papers, their cutting and pasting was less egregarious than the “quality press”. Now stop wasting your time here and go read it :) 0-1