Germs the new terrorists?

So far it seems as though swine flu isn’t co-operating with the governments/media’s plan to turn into a pandemic. So far behaving no differently from any other seasonal flu. Of course the more cynical among us might wonder if the rapidly approaching end of shelf life for all those tamiflu capsules the government bought for bird flu back in 2005 has any relevance, it’s certainly hasn’t done Roche‘s share price any harm in the past. According to the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation the shelf life of Tamiflu capsules is 5 years in capsule form but with 2 million … Continue reading

Events elsewhere

Today Guido Fawkes claimed another scalp assisted by the mainstream media, even if Mr McBride did reign in advance last night to try to limit the damage. I’ve not really got anything much to add to the excellent commentary that can be found elsewhere. Being horribly meta and doing the whole blogger talking about blogger thing which is terribly dull here’s a bit of a round up. It’s great to see Tom Harris talking a lot of sense: “We screwed up, big time. We have no-one — absolutely no-one at all — to blame for this but ourselves.” Sadly he … Continue reading

Interesting times

A rare occurrence honesty and forthrightness being spoken in the European parliament: Also also reported by: Samizdata , Douglas Carswell, The Salted Slug, Guido, NightJack, Pox Angolorum, More to life than shoes, Iain Dale and Cranmer also on the front page of the Drudge report (A transcript can be found: here) and finally some words from the man himself. It’s well worth spending three and a half minutes listening to and then sharing far and wide. Apart from the excellent speech Brown’s behavior during it (only shown towards the end) also seems quite informative to me at least. Meanwhile reportedly … Continue reading