EU say tomato….

Given I’m rather in favour of leaving the EU (more of which later) I thought I’d look at some of the things been said by those who hold the differing view. Both sides I’m afraid are making a lot of capital out of the confusion between: The European Union – the political body we’re discussing leaving Europe the continent which we are rather adjacent to and that isn’t going to change The European Court of Human Rights which has nothing to do with the European Union The European Convention on Human rights which also has nothing to do with the … Continue reading

This is it boys, this is war

Yesterday our parliament had a rather long debate on if we should extend our bombing operations in Iraq into Syria to join the multinational effort to tackle Da’esh. There’s been an awful lot said about this both before and after the vote so I’m afraid I’m unlikely to add any massive insight, but for what it’s worth here’s my rambling take on matters. Whilst Mr Cameron did make a bit of an idiot mistake in casting the “terrorist sympathizer” comment a bit wide, it is sadly true that both Mr Corbyn and Mr McDonnell have track records of sympathizing with … Continue reading

Puzzling over Scottish independence

Before I say anything else I should observe that I’m English and worse than that a Londoner, which by the terms of the Scottish independence debate apparently means I’m not allowed to express an opinion on the matter. To make matters worse I’m a great fan of both the Union and the Monarchy, so I really don’t expect anyone to give two hoots what I think on the matter. I also realise that by having a view, particularly the view I do have, I may rather annoy some people (including some of my friends). Now that that’s out of the … Continue reading