Malevolent voices revisited

It seems that Mr Pullmans article is now back on line at the Times with not a word changed. Which would make me suspect it’s vanishing was merely due to technical issues with the publishing system used by the Times, except for the way it also vanished so quickly from the Google cache ( as others also noticed). Though whilst one should always remember the rule that given a choice between cock-up and conspiracy 99% of the time it’ll be cock up, sometimes conspiracy is the right choice and only by watching for patterns can one after a while make … Continue reading

Anonymity through generosity

Lots of people have written many articles on how to use the internet in more or less anonymous fashions. So I suspect that this isn’t going to add anything new but will perhaps add a new slant or at least group things in a different fashion that may make more sense for some people than other articles have. The obvious first step as many people have said is to make sure that whatever operating system you’re running is kept up to date and that you have a firewall and it’s locked down as much as possible. All of which is … Continue reading

Internet freedom and you

Part 1 – A handful of beads The internet has been and is still widely touted as a huge bastion of freedom, a virtual wild west, new and uncharted lands not to mention numerous other metaphors aimed to convince us that it can herald in a utopia of untold freedoms. Now of course none of that was ever true, the apparent freedoms all relied on expensive equipment paid for and managed by businesses and bits of government of varying sizes. The freedoms existed because what was going on was largely unnoticed and not understood by those that might want to … Continue reading