More than a bit miffed

I’m rather fond of London, even the bits I don’t like I’m quite fond of – apart from a sojourn out in the depths of Essex for a long decade I’ve lived somewhere within it’s environs for my entire life. This means that I get more than a bit miffed when some miserable hooligans decide to smash the place up, because they want to play the hard man and get a load of shitty consumer products for free. I actually get quite annoyed by such behaviour, and am more than unimpressed by bits of the media describing them as protesters.

An awful lot of people have spoken an awful lot of sense over the last few days and tomorrow I’m going to re-read it and maybe do a round up as much has been said better than I’m going to. Tonight though I shall have a beer, hope that no one I know gets caught up in it and wonder what sort of brain dead thugs are currently running lose in London. If you care for your community and your city if you know people invovled in the rioting turn them in, don’t complain about the politicians impoverishing our communities and cutting services if you’re prepared to tolerate and shelter the thugs currently burning down our neighbourhoods.

Hopefully this will calm down soon and we can take a long hard think about how on earth we’ve got to this state, and I will laugh at the first person who tries to blame it on poverty. I will also point and laugh at anyone making lazy comparisons between the current bunch of wets we have in charge and Thatcher and saying it was due to the cuts (we’re spending more than ever) and that it’s just like the 80’s.

Meanwhile I hope everyone stays safe and good luck to everyone in the Police and Fire brigade currently trying to keep the place safe, and hope you get back to your families soon.

BTW there’s a facebook group for those that want an easy way to express support for the Met against the rioters

P.S. I wonder how many of the rioters fires will turn out to be insurance jobs as buildings “went on fire”

P.P.S Is this the summer of rage just running late due to the wrong kind of summer?

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