The security Jobsworths

For those of you that are regular readers you may remember the other day when I went for little walk, that the police took interest in my interest in the various security features around Westminster. Well it seems the problem is far from uncommon and it’s not just the police that are against us filming well pretty much anything, as Rod Liddle recently found.

As the film so rightly observes they object to us filming but want to film us all the time, and when challenged none of them can give a reason why the filming or looking at stuff isn’t allowed. As far as they are concerned it “just isn’t” and that’s the end of the matter. Of course when the police do it, it’s more sinister as they are demanding not just that you stop but that you also account for your behavior and they then want to keep that on file for “a year”. I’m not sure I believe them about the year thing, given how reluctant they are to get rid of DNA data despite court orders telling them they have to. though maybe the police do get rid of their copy, but our beloved security forces have their own copy which doesn’t have to be got rid of?

I’m rather interested in testing what it takes to get them to start telling people to stop looking at stuff, evidence is not much, and what reasons they give. So next year the long promised security theatre and history tours will happen. Watch this space for event details I’ll even get a proper hi-viz vest and flyers so it looks proper.

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3 Responses to The security Jobsworths

  1. DICK R says:

    There is no problem just tell them to GO AND FUCK THEMSELVES I do .

    • Giolla says:

      I’d say that they think that they can make up these sorts of rules and harass people is a problem even if we tell them to fuck off.