Nice speech shame about the research

The Scottish MP and darling of the left Mhari Black MP recently made a speech bemoaning the fact that ‘We can afford to pay for Palaces but not pensions’. Which is all very stirring but it would seem the Ms Black can’t afford researchers. Now the state pension is a terrible Ponzi scheme as it relies on younger generations to pay the pensions of the older generations and relies upon tax income rather than actually having a fund to pay those pensions. That much is all well and good, but on the matter of paying for Buckingham and Westminster palace, … Continue reading

A flash of understanding

I suspect that many of you already know what I’m about to say and probably worked it out ages ok, but sometimes I’m a bit slow on the uptake. I’d like to claim that it’s because what I’ve finally realised is so insane is so bonkers that I haven’t previously been able to believe it. However this morning I suddenly had an insight into the mind of the statist (at least of the left wing kind). I was reading an article over on vice defending the Hypocrite Mr Brand when one of the comments suddenly made something make sense. Whilst … Continue reading

Last week elsewhere

Another week another round up of links, next trick remember to find time to write stuff in between link round ups. Hopefully I’ve resolved recent server issues otherwise I need to change where I host this. Josh responds to climate foolishness on XKCD Bob Crow was resting up before his members go on strike (again) Velvet glove, Iron fist – provides a bit of a retrospective of the slippery slope (which doesn’t exist honest) Jacob Rees-Mogg makes some very reasoned objections to the latest financial monarch bashing LegIron has an awfully amusing idea The NSA use data from one warrant … Continue reading