Salami slicing to a police state

Whilst that nice Mr Cameron is killing free speech and trying to introduce state censorship of the internet to protect us from looking at dirty pictures another more worrying bit of legislation is crawling it’s way through parliament. Via the book of face my attention has been brought to an article by Scriptonite Daily concerning the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill 2013-14 which is about to enter the report stage. I’ve not read the entire bill yet, it’s 175 pages, but I shall get back to that and go through it section by section, but a quick check suggests … Continue reading

More reasons why I like Frank Turner

Apart from the fact that he made this rather awesome song: He also just posted this blog, which has this rather nice paragraph: “Incidentally, here’s some things I’m not: “Tory”, “conservative”, or “Republican”. If you don’t know the difference between these and libertarians, I suggest reading up a little before slagging me off. I don’t consider myself “right wing” either. I’m just not a leftist.” The rest of his music is pretty good as well, so go read the blog article then go listen to and buy some of his music (For the record I’m not in the pay of … Continue reading

Something rotten in global warming data

I suspect by now you’ve probably already seen the press release from Antony Watts if carry on nothing new to see here. If you haven’t read it go read it now. Then consider how many policies have been driven by, and how much money has been squandered based on flawed temperature data to solve a problem which looks likely doesn’t exist. Then remember that they’d have you believe that the science is settled, then feel free to be very annoyed. To quote Katabasis: “Watts’ work has essentially invalidated all of the worldwide land temperature data sets and the thousands of … Continue reading