Two unrelated posts drifted uncross my path recently and I thought I’d present them side by side for your delectation. Firstly we have Head Rambles suggesting the quite erudite Grandads law (to stand alongside Godwin law) “The first person to mention “the children” in an attempt to sway public opinion has lost their case.” He goes on to argue quite reasonably that protecting Children against every imagined fear leave them quite ill equipped to deal with life and does them no favours at all. The second article I’d like to present is quite a lot longer but very well worth … Continue reading

Vote for a bill

Douglas Carswell MP wants your help deciding which bill to put forward as his private members bill, so head on over to Guido’s to cast your vote. The options are: “1. Bloggers Freedom Bill: the law on copyright and libel developed in an age when very few people ever published anything. Today, millions of people blog and tweet. The law needs to reflect this. While other people’s intellectual property needs to be safeguarded, and people need protection from libel, this law would provide bloggers and tweeters with some protection against being sued, with a 48 hour period of grace before … Continue reading

An open letter to her Maj

if you’re not already sick to the back teeth with all the Jubilee goings on then may I recommend that you hop over to Katabsis and read thier open letter to Her Maj – it’ll be time well spent honest. “Dear Maj,So it has been sixty years. It is time for us to have a chat. I usually steer clear of collectivist language but today it seems appropriate. For today it is clear that any beneficent collective identity has been ripped away from us under your stewardship and what I have come to claim as positive and peculiarly ‘British’ in … Continue reading