Photographing buses

I was recently linked to an article that seemed to be bad news for photographers (sorry I forget who by), which I reposted on Facebook. I would have left it there, but for one of the comments I got which observed that the judgement was based on not the similarity of the pictures but on a deliberate attempt to copy. Now that being the case I got our fearless (but sadly not talented) in house artist to make a dramatic recreation of the troublesome picture. It should be noted this is a dramatic recreation, not an act of parody as … Continue reading

Riot for the media

So the students have taken to the streets to protest at the proposed changes to student funding. On the plus side they start out with some very nice placards clearly stating their cause, then left a load of grafitti which didn’t mention it. The rather pointless riot somewhat spoilt it though, starting initially in the wrong place and then attacking a rented office filled mainly with people with no power or little influence – surely protesting outside Parliament would have been more productive? Whilst the students are angry and have grievances to put across I can’t help feel that it … Continue reading

Sneaky sneaky very sneaky

The Evening standard article about the secret ring of steel rather shocked me, though sadly didn’t surprise me as much as it once would have. Very quietly rounds around the city have been being blocked, changed from public highways to private property with private security and controls on what people on those streets can and can’t do. Two thirds of the roads into the city have been closed leaving just 19 ways to drive in all of which are monitored by CCTV camera’s recording car number plates and the occupants. Whilst the city has always been different and a bit … Continue reading