Conspiracies and incompetance

Coincidences are wonderful things and I regularly give thanks to the fickle whims of serendipity . So this morning as work required me to be awake at a time I consider far too early for an Easter Saturday, I was presented with three unconnected articles which wonderfully answered a question I’ve often asked myself. “Why aren’t deniable/false flag activities more common?” After all for tarnishing reputations or spreading a bit of dirt they should be the easiest things in the world to carry out, a few trouble makers at a demo and the media can dismiss the entire thing. Free … Continue reading

Chicken Little rules the roost

I’ve been reading a lot of posts regarding how ISPs will be logging every web site we visit and all of our e-mail based on an eu directive that came in to force today. I’ve also read the UK legislation and the EU directive and as far as I can make out it’s all bollox! No really it is. The only source for the belief that ISPs will be logging web pages I can find is an article in the telegraph it isn’t in either bit of legislation. Well not unless it’s been very sneakily snuck in, in something that’s … Continue reading

Data retention starts today

For those of you that may not have been paying attention the EU directive on data retention comes into force today. This means that from today your ISP will be required by law (The Data Retention (EC Directive) Regulations 2009) to retain data regarding your use of “internet access, internet e-mail or internet telephony” for a year and make it available to the government on request. Technically the regulations use the wonderfully imprecise phrase: (a) in specific cases, and (b) in circumstances in which disclosure of the data is permitted or required by law. so I think on request is … Continue reading