Tobacco control how daft can it get

The denormalisation of smoking continues with even candy cigarettes being restricted to over 18s, voluntarily of course – but then if even the sight of a packet of cigarettes can instantly cause a child to develop a 60 a day habit what perils being able to put a candy fag in a childs mouth. Of course this could be a tongue in cheek jibe on behalf of the retailer of sweeties, as after all if they were serious about protecting the children they wouldn’t sell any of the sweets to people under 60 without government authorization. Link to the site … Continue reading

Look out there’s a monster coming

Thanks to Katabasis for this lead, it seems that having thrown loads of money at the Eurozone via the European Financial Stability Facility – the EU Zone are going to extract even more money from it’s indebted members and indenture them forever into the service of the European Stability Mechanism. London loves Business has the low down but for a quick tour of the highlights: Total immunity from prosecution Employee’s don’t pay tax Eurozone members can never leave If it asks for money members have to pay within 7 days, and it has no limit on what it can ask … Continue reading

The stupidity it burns….

Reading LegIrons round up of Madness reminded me of a little press release from the London assembly I read a while back. Transport for London’s plans to reward people who make their journey on foot or by bike under a new incentive scheme I thought at first that the headline had to be misleading as with all the savings we need to be making paying people to walk or cycle rather than just say improving cycle facilities and the like would be silly. But no the press release goes on to say: “rewarding people with offers and discounts should help … Continue reading