The BBC, Lapwings and Fake news

In this time of fake news and alternative facts you’d think the BBC ( especially given previous historic scandals ) might be careful about what those they give a platform to say in public. So as I have a slight interest in hunting and shooting I was interested as to how the BBC responded when challenged about false claims made by one of their presenters. In this case it was that darling of Birtish Wildlife programs Mr Christopher Packham. Mr Packham has been promoting his anti-shooting campaign claiming that Lapwings are being shot resulting in their numbers declining. He got … Continue reading

As it’s Michaelmas

As despite it all I am still something of a monarchist and as it’s just after Michaelmas something a bit different, via Archbishop Cranmer a new portrait of the Queen. No other comment really, except I think it’s really a rather impressive picture, though I think her Maj looks a tad worried perhaps wondering where it all went wrong and what’s happened to her country. +30

On the subject of symbols

Whilst I’m on the subject of the power of symbols a while back Captain Ranty reported that it’s now terribly naughty according to the EU to use the “Keep Calm and carry on” image that the Government created back in 1939 as: The EU has granted an EU Community Trade Mark to ‘KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON’ meaning that only one company may use the slogan for clothing, mugs, posters and other memorabilia. Of course it’s quite possible our own trademark officials would have been just as stupid, in which case I’d no doubt be suggesting ignoring them and protesting … Continue reading