More seriously though excellent commentary of the spill here including a link to a list of large oil spills of history. P.S. For those that are curious it’s a survey rig for Thame Water P.P.S Rather fun Guess the size of leak widget 0-1

Let’s all draw Mohammad

A slight break from looking at those purple people, but via Samizdata it would seem that tomorrow is First Annual Everybody Draw Mohammad Day. Expect some very bad art here tomorrow. +20

Much later than expected

Many many moons ago, I muttered about getting badges made, well I did finally get round to it, though not in huge numbers. They look quite a lot like this: Sorry it’s not a terribly good photo, but as I said back then if anyone wants one let me know how to send it to you (as long as not too many people want one of course). Otherwise I expect I’ll have a few with me on Old Holborns little stroll. If you’d rather have the graphics used, also no problem it’s here suitable for sending direct to Big Wow … Continue reading