Selective memory at bexley council

This is slightly old news but I just found out about it from Bexley Councils shiny propaganda sheet. Some of you may recall that Olly Cromwell got into trouble for trying to film the council so much so that they called the police on him. Back in June of 2013 filming the council was banned in August Eric Pickles told them off over the matter. So as late as August 2013 filming was banned, and the likes of Olly Cromwell were being banned and chucked out of attending public meetings, yet by November of the very same year all that … Continue reading

Son of Echelon

Breaking what’s becoming far too frequent radio silence, and I do apologise for that but life keeps happening, to mutter about John Snowdons revelations. I’m going to try and do the tricky thing and not talk about Mr Snowdon or his plight but concentrate on what he revealed. The revelations about operation Prism remind me of a long time ago in the earlier days of the internet and the rumours abounding about something called “Echelon”. This was a supposed system whereby the US government collected and snooped on everyone’s emails and everything else they did. This led to people adopting … Continue reading

Puzzling about UKIP

Having recently been on my regular holiday to the lovely town of Whitby where I spent an awful lot of time in a pub, danced like an idiot and then got lightly singed (in short had a damn fine time) I’ve been way behind on the news and this whole local election malarkey. However I’ve now sort of caught up on all my news feeds and blogs and that sort of thing, and thus I’ve been reading an awful lot about those UKIP chappies. One interesting thing about catching up on about two weeks worth of news at once is … Continue reading