Climate change a belated round up

Making use of the fact that I seem to have some free time, I thought I’d try to pull together some of the various articles that have been written about Copenhagen and Anthropogenic Global Warming (as I believe it’s now correct to call it – or is it Anthropogenic climate change today?). As it seems to be terribly relevant to state ones qualifications for having an opinion in the matter (though most of the politicians making the decisions have no science background but they’ll still spend the money) I shall state for the record that I’ve no experience in computer … Continue reading

Of church bells and minarets

A bit late to the party with this one, and not that much to add except that when it comes to the Swiss passing a law to ban minarets we should remove the beam in our own eye rather than worrying about the mote in another countries. For a bit of background as this is rather late after the immediate fuss has died down, the Swiss have decided that four minarets is quite enough and they’d not like any more. As far as I can tell they don’t care who wants to build them or why. Generally speaking I’m with … Continue reading