Nice speech shame about the research

The Scottish MP and darling of the left Mhari Black MP recently made a speech bemoaning the fact that ‘We can afford to pay for Palaces but not pensions’. Which is all very stirring but it would seem the Ms Black can’t afford researchers. Now the state pension is a terrible Ponzi scheme as it relies on younger generations to pay the pensions of the older generations and relies upon tax income rather than actually having a fund to pay those pensions. That much is all well and good, but on the matter of paying for Buckingham and Westminster palace, … Continue reading

Bexley make the top 20

The wonderfully open Bexley Council have made the top 20 in the TaxPayers alliance new report (full report here). Against stiff competition Bexleys Chief Executive Will Tuckley has trousered a bountiful remuneration of £ 234,507 last year from the generosity of the local tax payers. Mr Tuckley has sadly fallen from his heady 6th place in 2010/11 which just goes to show down here in sunny Bexley we really are all in it together. To be fair as for historical reasons I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was in anyway criticisng Bexley Council a 9.3% pay cut over 3 … Continue reading

A- for George

Many people far more knowledgeable than me have commented on the recent downgrading of the UK’s credit rating from AAA to AA1 – this however is not going to stop me adding my tuppenth worth. It’s just one agency but it is a warning shot across the bows the policy being pursued by the current Government isn’t working, we’re borrowing more and there’s no growth- this is not how you reduce dept. The only way anyone reduces debt is to spend less and stop borrowing, apparently this does in fact also apply to Governments despite what various pundits have claimed … Continue reading