The EU our allies

There’s an awful lot being talked about the EU at the moment, apparently due to some budgetary discussion or other, it seems that due to the large number of well paid terribly clever people running everything for us over in Brussels that it simply isn’t possible to shave a single penny* of the budget lest the sky fall in. It’s ok though as those nice chaps tell us that we get loads and loads of benefits from being part of the happy EU gang, and they all like us as we pay in a fair bit more money than we … Continue reading

Yes you have no referendum

In a shock and startling turn of events after being summoned to the G20 to explain what he was doing suggesting asking the people if the wanted to accept the austerity package or not – the Greek prime minister has decided that maybe the people don’t need to be asked after all. Having got that out of the way rumour has it that he’s off to resign – presumably to encourage anyone else that thinks referenda are a good thing. The EU’s allergy to asking the people their opinion on things really is quite impressive. it’s not after all as … Continue reading

Light the blue touch paper

So the Greeks appear to have lit the blue touch paper under the Euro project, by the crazy notion of asking the people what they think about a huge financial deal before signing up to it. Yet again the idea of a referendum seems to be throwing the euro-project into chaos and confusion, it would seem that democracy is as welcome to the eurocrats as water to the Witch of the West. There’s a lovely concise live(ish) blog of the “crisis” over at the FT (H/T Katabasis). The choices facing the Greeks seem to be a referendum or an early … Continue reading