The EU our allies

There’s an awful lot being talked about the EU at the moment, apparently due to some budgetary discussion or other, it seems that due to the large number of well paid terribly clever people running everything for us over in Brussels that it simply isn’t possible to shave a single penny* of the budget lest the sky fall in. It’s ok though as those nice chaps tell us that we get loads and loads of benefits from being part of the happy EU gang, and they all like us as we pay in a fair bit more money than we get out and..oh oh dear it seems they don’t like as much after all. That’s ok though they’ll all stand with us, if some other country starts to have a go and attack our interests and citizens overseas, oh not so much. Still at least it’s kept the peace in Europe, the EU got the Noble peace prize for the lack of war after all, so all those European lands grabs and territorial disputes are a thing of the past, oh not that either.

But it does keep Ed and Dave’s old pals in cushy jobs and jollies, so worth every penny, after all we’ve got the money to spare… haven’t we?

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