The forbidden history of unpopular people

You’ve probably already seen this elsewhere, but on the off chance you’ve missed it do take the time to watch this excellent defence of free speech from the antipodes (The Forbidden History) +20

Climate sceptics the new Wikileakers?

Via the ever well informed Katabasis my attention has been drawn to the rather worrying seizure of computers owned by UK climate sceptic bloggers. Apparently at the behest of the U.S. Department of Justice as other climate bloggers have received nasty grams (cache) from our friends across the pond. Last I checked the climategate e-mails where mainly (allegedly) pilfered from UK sources, and even ignoring that the emails are widely available so the US Department of Justice could just download their own copy. All in all a quite worrying development, state funded “scientific” research into climate change wasn’t a matter … Continue reading