You can’t do that…

You may well have noticed that the UK censors have finally noticed the internet and have decided following a quiet amendment to the law to make the depiction of all sorts of legal acts illegal in online porn. Of course with typical “logic” this only applies to porn made in the UK, porn made anywhere else can carry on as it was, just as well the internet pays so much attention to country borders. LegIron has already written an excellent article on the matter to which I’ve very little to add. The few bits I might have added were taken … Continue reading

Drinkuary returns

It is that time of year once more when the puritans once more fill the airwaves and bill boards with exhortations to abstinence and to pay them for indulgences to forgive us our evil fun filled ways. However fear not for Drinkuary has not gone away and is once more saying “enough already” – and this year they’d like to hear from you! Yes you, you at the back holding your pint, and you with your bottle of spirits, and you with the glass of wine, and you with the alcopop, and you enjoying a quiet sherry and especially you … Continue reading

Baccy growing experiments

Just before we reach the end of Octabber I thought it about time to post a short summary of my Tobacco production experiments so far this year. I entirely blame the inestimable LegIron for this endevour as his article on his efforts inspired me despite not actually smoking myself. I ordered some Virginia gold seeds from an interweb shop based on the fact that it’s what my father used to smoke so why not. I’m not exactly a keen gardener and planted them in pots so didn’t get particularly huge plants, I suspect they’re all root bound or don’t like … Continue reading