Greasing up the slippery slope

[This is a repost of an article that was first posted on Drinkuary] We’ve been a bit quiet of late but we’ve not gone away. Whilst alcohol control has largely left the headlines amidst rumours that minimum pricing will be dropped (though that’s still only rumours) it’s not as though the puritans have stopped their activities. Do you remember how years ago it was just one carriage of a train you couldn’t smoke in and then it was all of the train, well I’d hate to say that it’s a template which gets used a lot but… Eastcoast mainline will … Continue reading

A historical view of ASH

via It’s all bollocks and Dick Puddlecote. A reminder of when MPs had a bit of integrity and would stand up to lobbyists and a reminder that the Puritans have always played fast and loose with democratic process when it suits them. +6-1

We shouldn’t accept the puritans frame of reference

This post first appeared on Drinkuary I’ve changed the title, and am adding this slight introduction. By accepting the puritans idea that there are irresponsible drinkers who it’s ok to punish we’re handing them victory from the outset. They are already accusing the drinks industry of using the tactic of the tobacco industry – I fear that hey may be right, that the drinks industry hasn’t learnt anything from the Puritans attack on tobacco and will use the same tactics with the same results. They may slow it down, but once you accept that punishing “irresponsible” drinkers is ok, then … Continue reading