Bexley make the top 20

The wonderfully open Bexley Council have made the top 20 in the TaxPayers alliance new report (full report here). Against stiff competition Bexleys Chief Executive Will Tuckley has trousered a bountiful remuneration of £ 234,507 last year from the generosity of the local tax payers. Mr Tuckley has sadly fallen from his heady 6th place in 2010/11 which just goes to show down here in sunny Bexley we really are all in it together. To be fair as for historical reasons I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was in anyway criticisng Bexley Council a 9.3% pay cut over 3 … Continue reading

Selective memory at bexley council

This is slightly old news but I just found out about it from Bexley Councils shiny propaganda sheet. Some of you may recall that Olly Cromwell got into trouble for trying to film the council so much so that they called the police on him. Back in June of 2013 filming the council was banned in August Eric Pickles told them off over the matter. So as late as August 2013 filming was banned, and the likes of Olly Cromwell were being banned and chucked out of attending public meetings, yet by November of the very same year all that … Continue reading

Strange goings on in Bexley

It would seem that the overly cozy relationship between Bexley council and the local police is still going strong into the new year, read more over at Bexley is Bonkers. For the short version when a judge decides that almost everything the police say is a fabrication well then Houston we have a problem. +5-1