Brian Cox on climate change

I generally don’t say anything much about climate change as there are many other people out there writing about it who’ve spent far more time looking into it than I have. However the recent video of Brian Cox “explaining” climate science I think deserves some comment. I’m not going to talk about the science so much as about how he’s answering the questions. If you’ve not seen it already, here’s the video: Now I’m also going to ignore how often Senator Malcolm Roberts is interrupted and how the chair lets that pass, and just pay attention to Prof Cox (who … Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn joined up thinking

As Mr Corbyn seems to be terribly popular amongst many people I know and the wider populace this bit of joined up thinking of his has left me terrible amused. It seems that Mr Corbyn is all for re-opening old coal pits “When asked by the BBC whether harnessing more coal would mean reopening North pits, he said: “Where you can re-open pits, yes, and where you can do clean burn coal technology, yes. “I think we can develop coal technology. Let’s do so because energy prices around the world are going up. Open cast mining is not acceptable, deep … Continue reading

Greenpeace enviromental vandals

I’ve written about Greenpeace before and it’s safe to say I’m not their greatest fan. However their latest self serving publicity stunt is a whole new level of stupid even for them. To “send a message” to the world leaders that they aren’t doing enough to tackle “climate change” they decided it would be a jolly wheeze to vandalize the Nasca lines a UNESCO world heritage site and a very delicate environment. The Guardian has a excellent bit of excuse making for this bunch of vandals, who decide to have 20 people carrying large rucksacks climb up onto the site … Continue reading