Greenpeace vandalism follow up

Since Greenpeaces wanton vandalism of the Nazca lines the increasing coverage and anger has forced even apologists like the Guardian have back tracked. Greenpeace have apologised sort of, they aren’t sorry that they’ve damaged the Nazca lines but that they’ve caused “offence” and “came across as careless and crass.”. So whilst the Peruvian Government is intending to press charges and wants the names of all of the Greenpeace activists involved, Greenpeace have said that they’re “cooperating with the Peruvian authorities and seeking to clarify what took place.”. Obviously not cooperating to the extent of handing over any names, and I’m … Continue reading

Greenpeace enviromental vandals

I’ve written about Greenpeace before and it’s safe to say I’m not their greatest fan. However their latest self serving publicity stunt is a whole new level of stupid even for them. To “send a message” to the world leaders that they aren’t doing enough to tackle “climate change” they decided it would be a jolly wheeze to vandalize the Nasca lines a UNESCO world heritage site and a very delicate environment. The Guardian has a excellent bit of excuse making for this bunch of vandals, who decide to have 20 people carrying large rucksacks climb up onto the site … Continue reading