UK terror threat level

UK terrorism threat alert RSS service

The UK government provide a web page so you can tell how afraid they currently want you to be. It’s located here:

As there is now an official RSS feed to let us know how scared to be, I’ll not worry too much about tidying up my script. I will however keep running my own feed just in case they ever decide to change our threat levels retrospectively.

The official RSS feed can now be found at:

Plus of course I’ll still be grabbing the BBC News RSS feed each time they change the threat level. Just in case anything interesting is happening.

In the meantime we can now all relax as we can now be easily updated as to how afraid we should be at any given time. If you’ve a smart phone that can take RSS feeds I’d highly recommend subscribing to the MI5 threat level feed so that you can properly adjust your level of fear and paranoia in real time according to government diktat.

Just in case you’ve forgotten the five threat levels are:

  • critical – an attack is expected imminently
  • severe – an attack is highly likely
  • substantial – an attack is a strong possibility
  • moderate – an attack is possible but not likely
  • low – an attack is unlikely

The official historical list of threat levels can be found here:

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