Jeremy Corbyn joined up thinking

As Mr Corbyn seems to be terribly popular amongst many people I know and the wider populace this bit of joined up thinking of his has left me terrible amused. It seems that Mr Corbyn is all for re-opening old coal pits “When asked by the BBC whether harnessing more coal would mean reopening North pits, he said: “Where you can re-open pits, yes, and where you can do clean burn coal technology, yes. “I think we can develop coal technology. Let’s do so because energy prices around the world are going up. Open cast mining is not acceptable, deep … Continue reading

Analogies don’t get better

Sometimes life smiles at you and the world creates the most wonderful of analogies. Yesterday as you may have read some Greenpeace protestors decide to climb the Shard. Which is a rather tall building and so presented something of a challenge. Fortunately they had mobile phones with them (presumably attached securely to them by lanyards to avoid endangering people below) and they tweeted about their expereince during the climb. The climb was apparently to protest against Shell drilling for oil in the arctic, not that Shell have offices in the shard, nor that the shard owners have anything to do … Continue reading

The stupidity it burns

Having spent the day in a management training course, which invovled going to the office and thus trains and thus news papers I got exposed to above normal levels of stupid. So I thought I’d do the only “decent” thing and share the pain, so here is the Wednesday stupidity round up. ( I won’t mention Gordon Brown saying “told you so” and that te world needed to bail out the Euro). Starting with the Metro and following up from yesterday it seems that the Government has announced reforms to the drive for renewable energy (wind farm subsidies for rich … Continue reading