Brian Cox on climate change

I generally don’t say anything much about climate change as there are many other people out there writing about it who’ve spent far more time looking into it than I have. However the recent video of Brian Cox “explaining” climate science I think deserves some comment. I’m not going to talk about the science so much as about how he’s answering the questions. If you’ve not seen it already, here’s the video: Now I’m also going to ignore how often Senator Malcolm Roberts is interrupted and how the chair lets that pass, and just pay attention to Prof Cox (who … Continue reading

Last week elsewhere

Random round up of stuff from last week. Wind turbines even less reliable than previously thought NSA won’t deny spying on congress An interesting experiment in giving people money – that may show that a citizens wage isn’t as crazy as some people claim How to make money with wind power Unelected peers defend our liberties yet again Puritans gunning for sugar control – remember slavery is freedom IPCC and “denier” points of view move ever closer Remeber once on the EU gravy train it costs a lot to get off Winter is coming and it may stay a while … Continue reading