Marina Yannakoudakis MEP speaks

Following up from my last post the first non-automated replies are in. I am at once both impressed and unsurprised I have a reply from an MEP, London Conservative MEP Marina Yannakoudakis to be precise. On the question of if they “think it is ever appropriate that a local Council seek to prevent one of their constituents from writing about them in any form?” They’ve told me: “Dear A Voter, Thank you for your e-mail. The issue you raise is outside the jurisdiction of the European Union, specifically that of the European Parliament. If you have not done so already, … Continue reading

Asking the great and good about the Bexley one

Following ip on Bexley councils approach to democracy and as we’ve got mayoral elections coming up here in Londonshire – I thought I’d try and get in touch with the various mayoral candidates to ask their opinion on Bexley Council gagging a resident from writing about them. This was an enlightening expereince in itself, all of the candidate websites had quite eay to find links to send them money or register support but very few had anyway to get in touch to actually ask a question. Such as in this case should “Councils stop their electorate talking about them?” For … Continue reading

Bexley cuntcil

Due to being distracted with other things, I rather missed the appalling news from Greenwich court and the bunch of useless cunts that form my local council. It seems long term blogger Olly Cromwell has been found guilty of calling councillor a “cunt” via twitter.. I mentioned the case before. As mentioned before, and this is important, Olly has been banned from: Not to own, operate or write on a website or social media any criticisms of Bexley Council Not to write directly or indirectly about Bexley Councillors on any site so it would seem that all that it takes … Continue reading