Bexley cuntcil

Free the Bexley one you cunts!Due to being distracted with other things, I rather missed the appalling news from Greenwich court and the bunch of useless cunts that form my local council. It seems long term blogger Olly Cromwell has been found guilty of calling councillor a “cunt” via twitter.. I mentioned the case before. As mentioned before, and this is important, Olly has been banned from:

  • Not to own, operate or write on a website or social media any criticisms of Bexley Council
  • Not to write directly or indirectly about Bexley Councillors on any site

so it would seem that all that it takes to kill freedom of speech and the ability to hold our politicians to account is that we swear at the poor dears and then the useless cunts can get us gagged. Katabasis is as ever on the ball and has covered it with usual insight. Once you can be banned from writing about politicians and face jail merely for swearing about them, then political freedom in a country must surely be at least in its dying throws? So far there’s very little out cry about this, but word is spreading.

There’s a well presented time line of events here

As has been speculated it would be a terrible shame if the vindictive wankers in Bexley council got a taste of mass sweary opprobrium in time for Olly’s sentencing.

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