Seems it’s ok for councillors to swear

In related news to young Olly Cromwells current issues with Bexley Cuntcil and the beak in seems that it’s perfectly OK for Councillors to swear about other Councillors:

” A councillor has won High Court backing to be “rude” online about colleagues in what could be a landmark case.

Community councillor Malcolm Calver, of Manorbier, Pembrokeshire, challenged a censure by a local authority standards body over “bitching” and “sarcastic” comments.

He claimed it violated his human right to freedom of expression.

Mr Justice Beatson said there was ‘a need for politicians to have thicker skins than others’.”

There would though sadly seem to be a shortage of thick skins and freedom of expression around Bexley Cuntcil.

(H/T Katabasis)

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