Trumped up technobabble

I wouldn’t normally comment on things geeky or for that matter on foreign political affairs, some might say I don’t normally comment on anything much, however I was recently linked to an article which was so badly written it hurt. The technical “experts” in the article are also either being grossly misrepresented or are privy to further information that hasn’t been made available to the rest of us – that or they’ve checked the brains in before commenting, I really rather hope it’s the first. So the thrust of the article at The slate is that Mr Trump, or at … Continue reading

Stupidity in political memes

I know that raging against stupidity on the internet is a pointless exercise and best avoided, and I’ve no great love for Monsanto. However I’ve not yet met a windmill I won’t tilt against, so humour me on this. The image here has been going around on that bastion of deep thinking and intellectual debate that is Facebook, highlighting how we can’t possible trust GM foods from Monsanto as those foods kill insects!! Now I’m quite happy to not trust Monsanto as far as I could throw kitten kong, and have suggested to people the game of “name a Monsanto … Continue reading

Reality lag

I do hope you’ll indulge me in a lightly referenced post, but having just watched the BBC news I have a slight need to rant. Plus if you read many of the blogs I link to you’ll already be aware of many of the things I’ll mention. The BBC tonight had a “news” article about the problems of keeping the lights on in the UK, due to massive lack of investment in our power infrastructure, so far so good. Then the insanity started, apparently we can subsidise wind power which so far contributes nothing and needs massive conventional back up … Continue reading