Stupidity in political memes

I know that raging against stupidity on the internet is a pointless exercise and best avoided, and I’ve no great love for Monsanto. However I’ve not yet met a windmill I won’t tilt against, so humour me on this. The image here has been going around on that bastion of deep thinking and intellectual debate that is Facebook, highlighting how we can’t possible trust GM foods from Monsanto as those foods kill insects!! Now I’m quite happy to not trust Monsanto as far as I could throw kitten kong, and have suggested to people the game of “name a Monsanto … Continue reading

Mistaken facebook images about Margret Thatcher

I know arguing about the “information” in those “cleverly” captioned pictures on Facebook, tumblr and everywhere else is utterly pointless, but they’ve been annoying me for too long, so I’m going to indulge my inner pedant and start rebutting the odd one. Today I shall be starting with two relating to Margaret Thatchers demise. This one rather annoys me as it tries to excuse the deeply unpleasant celebration of Mrs Thatcher’s death by trying to claim that November the 5th celebrations are rejoicing in Guy Fawkes death. Now let’s just ignore that even if that was the case for most … Continue reading