Stupidity in political memes

Monsanto kills I know that raging against stupidity on the internet is a pointless exercise and best avoided, and I’ve no great love for Monsanto. However I’ve not yet met a windmill I won’t tilt against, so humour me on this. The image here has been going around on that bastion of deep thinking and intellectual debate that is Facebook, highlighting how we can’t possible trust GM foods from Monsanto as those foods kill insects!! Now I’m quite happy to not trust Monsanto as far as I could throw kitten kong, and have suggested to people the game of “name a Monsanto product that isn’t a bad idea”, but really the best argument they could come up with is the crops made “insect stomachs explode”. Now most of us aren’t actually insects, though allegedly lizard people walk amongst us, but apparently that doesn’t matter this stuff kills insects so it must be bad for us. Therefore as a matter of public safety I present a short list of other “foods” and “medicines” we’re told are safe but kill other random animals:
Avocado’s are toxic to cats and dogs, but hey guacamole’s nice right?
Grapes are a cumulative poison for dogs and even one can kill, but eat that fruit salad if you want to.
Macadamia nuts cause depression, vomiting and death in our canine friends but have that bar snack why don’t you.
Ritalin will cause seizures and death in your pets, but hey little Timmy needs to calm down.
Asprin will kill your cat by gastric hemorrhage, but don’t worry it’s fine for your headache.
Ibuprofen will have tiddles depressed and vomiting to death, but yeah I know it’s a bad headache so go ahead.
Onions cause kidney failure in cattle, but hey the soups great.
Turnips kill poultry, but don’t worry the stew’s fine.

And so on and on and on. I know that it’s a generally held belief that people are stupid and uneducated (I fully expect a comment saying this article proves I am), but would having less lazy political meme’s that stood up to more than a seconds scrutiny? If you want to make people think, might it not be a good idea to be sure that a bit of thought won’t destroy your point?

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