Reality lag

I do hope you’ll indulge me in a lightly referenced post, but having just watched the BBC news I have a slight need to rant. Plus if you read many of the blogs I link to you’ll already be aware of many of the things I’ll mention.

The BBC tonight had a “news” article about the problems of keeping the lights on in the UK, due to massive lack of investment in our power infrastructure, so far so good. Then the insanity started, apparently we can subsidise wind power which so far contributes nothing and needs massive conventional back up and pollutes China and actually has very few green credentials. Nukes aren’t allowed to be obviously subsidised as they’re not popular so the private sector has to take all the risk, except of course they don’t as all nuclear plants get massive guarantees from the government and can generally walk away from the clean up. Much as I’m hugely in favour of the private sector dealing with everything the government doesn’t need to if the choice is between paying huge subsidies/back handers to the private sector or just having the state do it, I’d rather the state did it. I would of course also hope that the state would show some hint of competence which might be asking a bit much, but I’m an optimistic sort at heart.

That though I’m afraid isn’t the worst of the insanity, they did briefly mention the cheapest option which is also a very proven design quick to build and low risk – gas powered stations. Ah but you see these can’t be used as the natural gas has to be imported at great cost as in BBC world we don’t have gas shale deposits we could use, well not after the Government stuck their oar in. That of course isn’t all we have the green agenda to consider mustn’t release any carbon into the environment lest it cause more global warming which isn’t happening. So because we can’t possibly use modern gas powered plants due to a Government tied to the altar of the green agenda our only choice is higher bills and huge back handers to the green god and private companies. All to keep promises everyone else is backing away from to tackle a global warming problem which seems to not be happening – and this is parliamentary policy (from all the parties in power) at a time when you’d have thought that anything that could boast the economy (like home built gas power stations and cheap energy) would be leapt on like a dog humping an expensive suit.

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