Bad news from Bexley

I’m sad to report that it’s bad news from Bromley court, the Cunts in Bexley Council have managed to get young Olly Cromwell sentenced to 12 month community service order AND a 5 year restraining order plus £620 costs. As Max says that sounds like Olly can’t attend council meetings so an apparently very obvious denial of his democratic rights. I’m hoping there’ll be a whip round to  help with costs, and I suspect that I’ll have a sudden urge to attend more council meetings.

I’m expecting that Gareth Bacon still won’t comment possibly citing appeals, or failing that both he and James Cleverly will both feel that it’s perfectly acceptable as the courts have said it’s so.

A very sad day for democracy and freedom of speech in Bexley, the cunts!

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2 Responses to Bad news from Bexley

  1. It’s the Daily Mail so caveats apply, but they are now covering both the Cranmer run-in with the ASA and a campaign about the misuse of legislation to chill free speech.

    • Giolla says:

      coo that’s impressive, I’ve been a bit tardy with his Grace’s problems work getting in the way and other people seeming to have it covered (yeah I know that’s never stopped me before).

      I other news congratulations on posting the 200th comment